Did you know that Rotary has one of the most extensive, world-wide, self-interest networking opportunities on the planet!  It is called Rotary Fellowships (www.ROTARY.ORG/FELLOWSHIPS). 
Rotary Fellowships are groups of Rotarians, Rotarians' family members, Rotaractors, alumni and program participants.  Members of these groups share an interest, wish to further their vocational development, or want to make new friends, explore opportunities for service, and enhance their experience in Rotary.  Fellowships, which must have active members in at least three countries, provide a chance to make lasting friendships with people outside of your club. 
Several examples of Rotary Fellowships are Antique Automobiles (www.achafr.eu), Motorcycling (www.ifmr.org), Genealogy (www.facebook.com/RIfellowship), Wine (www.whiskeydram.org), Doll Lovers (www.rotarydlf.org), Beer (www.rotarybrew.org), Police and Law Enforcement (www.polepfr.org) and Marathon Running (www.rotarianrun.org).  Their are more than 70 active Rotary Fellowships to join!!!! 
To join a fellowship, visit the group's website or if you would like to start a fellowship, write to rotaryfellowships@rotary.org