At our regular meeting on June 30, 2015, outgoing president Noble Alix officially passed the baton to incoming president Sam Granberry.  In addition, Noble announced the following Paul Harris Fellow awards:
  1. Ed Slaback
  2. Sean Murphy
  3. Sam Granberry
  4. Leisha D'Angleo
After being sworn in, Sam announced the following officers for the 2015-2016 Rotary year.
  1. Ed Slaback          President-elect
  2. Sean Murphy       Treasurer
  3. Mona Chavarria    Assistant Treasurer
  4. Ed Slaback          Secretary
  5. Leisha D'Angelo    Publicity
  6. Craig Slater         Membership
  7. Jeff Brennan        Sergeant at arms
  8. Mark Smith          Rotary Foundation
  9. Noble Alix            Past President
  10. Noble Alix            Community & International Service